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Senior Software Engineer - Commerce



Software Engineering
Remote · South America · United States
Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Senior Engineer

The Senior Engineer reporting to the Engineering Manager is responsible for providing the technical leadership that teams need in order to effectively deliver products to their customers. The role is expected to predictably make good decisions by relying on their experience, their ability to gather data, and their relationships with their colleagues.

Job Responsibilities

● Write expert code that is easy and clear to make products available to customers

● Advocate for delivering solutions to their intended scale so that systems do not repeat the same mistakes of the past. Offer clear pathways for improvements. Ensure the team is executing on practices that reliably produce good decisions

● Delivers and acts as the primary author of the team’s runbooks and operational excellence practices

● Execute post-incident investigations that are necessary for leveling up their teams’ practices

● Implement metrics and dashboards that are needed to provide high-resolution observability of their systems

● Engage in in-depth discussions with the Product team to develop tradeoffs that guide decisions about system complexity vs. customer impact

● Plan projects that will ensure the success of the team 36 months out. Actively engage in designing systems ahead of time to ensure proper planning

Skills and Abilities

● Appropriately allocates time and focus to ensure that the team is supported

● Understands how to efficiently and reliably diagnose issues and ability to discuss how decisions are made in terms of tradeoffs and practices

● Have developed reliable practices and playbooks for their deliverables

● Confidence in the ability to discuss how work is prioritized, planned and executed

● Capability of writing CI/CD systems

● Act as a skilled and reliable voice for the needs of the customer and knows how to effectively use data to guide decision making

Attributes for Success

● Experience with Ruby on Rails and an understanding of other languages and frameworks such as Javascript, C#, Python, Go

● You have deep understanding and strong experience designing and building systems with object oriented programming languages

● Experience building out various APIs protocols/architectures from the ground up REST, GraphQL

● Deployment and operational experience using cloud platforms like AWS or Heroku

● You are a believer in SOLID principles, automated testing, CI/CD, and keeping our platform operationally excellent

● You feel confident architecting features without much help and are able to get unstuck most of the time

● You’ve shipped, operated, scaled, and supported applications in a high traffic SaaS environment

● You’re a software engineer who cares deeply about delivering operationally excellent systems through meticulous attention to details

● You take a thoughtful approach to decision making; knowing when to move fast and when to do things right

● You have a results-oriented approach, with an inherent ability to solve complex problems

and deliver a high-quality product

● You have some experience providing technical leadership and guidance

Required Leadership Competencies

● Growth mindset: Ability to build trust and credibility, demonstrate emotional intelligence, and position for success

● Self management: Ability to be a person of influence, communicate effectively, and manage oneself effectively with personal development and productivity

● People management: Ability to develop talent, give effective feedback, and delegate with confidence